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LTV Press is the publishing arm of The LTV Squad urban exploration team. Established in 2009, we publish books focusing on urban exploring and graffiti. You can read a bit more about us here.

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7 Line LIC

Like no other New York history book before it, 7 Line L.I.C. documents and celebrates the dynamic architectural and social landscape of one of Gotham’s most storied neighborhoods, Long Island City. Written and photographed by Queens-native Joseph Anastasio, here are the inspiring and sometimes tragic stories of industrial might and economic neglect; of resilience and reinvention; of factories, tenements and soaring glass towers with some of the most stunning views in America. In the tradition of Walker Evans, Stephen Shore, Camilo José Vergara and Margaret Morton, Anastasio unflinchingly examines the spaces between seen and unseen, past and present, with the diligence, sly wit and streetwise empathy that’s the mark of the true New Yorker.

220 pages. 21 Chapters. 336 Photos.

LTV Freight Review 2017: Trash Edition

New York City was once the mighty manufacturing capital of the united states. Today, our largest export is garbage. There is literally enough garbage leaving NYC every day to warrant it's own long haul trash train.

Garbage is New York Cities' hidden legacy. As Edward Humes writes in Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash: “Americans make more trash than anyone else on the planet, throwing away about 7.1 pounds per person per day, 365 days a year. Across a lifetime that rate means, on average, we are each on track to generate 102 tons of trash. Each of our bodies may occupy only one cemetery plot when we’re done with this world, but a single person’s 102-ton trash legacy will require the equivalent of 1,100 graves. Much of that refuse will outlast any grave marker, pharaoh’s pyramid or modern skyscraper: One of the few relics of our civilization guaranteed to be recognizable twenty thousand years from now is the potato chip bag.

Aside from the city's role as a massive trash exporter, it is also the world capital of graffiti. Subways were first tagged here, and freight trains soon followed as early as 1990. This tradition of tagging eventually included the trash trains that began running through The Bronx (in the mid 1990s), Brooklyn and Queens (in 2009).

These trash cars have accumulated a significant amount of graffiti, the handiwork of graffiti writers and moniker taggers between New York and Virginia. This book documents a year's worth of graffiti benching of these cars. It consists of 104 pages, with 328 full color photos. Unlike other LTV Press publications, it is available exclusive through this site.

The Poconos Complaint

Deep in the woods of the Poconos lays an abandoned resort where no one can hear you scream. Or break windows, or throw what’s left of the furniture off the balconies or all those other awesome fun things one can do in a completely trashed, absolutely worthless abandoned set of buildings.

This location-specific book takes a long hard look through the eyes of pissed off guests at the slow, painful decline of The Poconos Garden Lodge – a resort once owned by the much more infamous ‘Mt Airy Lodge’ (which itself was bankrupted, abandoned and completely bulldozed and replaced by a casino of the same name). The book is comprised entirely of darkly humorous complaint letters from actual guests and the responses sent back to them by inept hotel management who seemed to be in absolute denial of the decay setting in around them. These letters are illustrated by more recent photos showing the post apocalyptic state of the grounds today.

Subway Madness

Just below the streets of NYC, one can find one of the largest subway systems in the world, and one of the largest reminders of the ‘bad old days’ of NYC – where crime and despair ruled the day. In these tunnels, this NYC of the past lives on. Dirty, graffiti covered subway tunnels, where the homeless still occasionally make their homes and where serendipitous insomniac explorers lurk in the dark, waiting and watching. Where graffiti artists still get over, 2 decades after the trains were cleaned.

This book takes a hard look at this underground realm, through 280+ photographs, 7 chapters and 174 pages. This is a no holds barred view of the live tunnels, abandoned spaces, hidden nitches and insane ‘transit recidivists’ that enjoy this inhospitable and deadly environment as if it were one huge all city amusement park. Admission is free, but your survival through the night will be questionable at best. Hop the turnstyle, take the ride.

Out of Print

Island Explorer - Antigua & Montserrat

In the Caribbean sea one might find two island nations: one is holding it’s own, while the other struggles to survive. Half of Montserrat was destroyed by a volcano. Its former capital is now a completely burned out, post-apocalyptic shell of its former self.

Antigua lays a mere 30 nautical miles away physically, though it’s a world away in almost every other regard. Antigua doesn’t have the tourism draw of many other Caribbean islands. What it lacks in wealth it more than makes up for super friendly natives, amazing food and a slathering of abandonments for those with the tenacity to seek them out.

This book covers both islands, including rare photographs from both. It is 6″x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm), 102 pages (nearly all with full color photos), and includes a secret companion website full of videos and bonus materials.

Island Explorer - Saint Maarten

Get ready to see a side of this tourist-trap island that has rarely been seen, and in some cases will never be seen again. Take a tour of (what was) the largest abandoned resort on planet earth. See a shocking amount of graffiti from international writers, laugh hard at the blatant trademark rip off businesses and learn how to ride the fence.

This book is 6″x 9″, 90 pages (nearly all with full color photos), and includes a secret companion website full of videos and bonus materials

Yard Job NYC

Rail Yards: Much like the subway yards before them, the freight yards of NYC have become a proving ground for a new generation of writers.

Yard Job NYC is the only book that documents this relatively obscure through thriving graffiti scene. Nowhere else will you find old school cats like Chino, Wolf, Smith, Trap, and Zephyr crushing cars illegally, alongside newer writers: Noxer, Staer, Celf, Muk… completely devoid of gay-ass hipster ‘street art’. Graffiti exists on these rails in its purest form.

Documented over many months of persistent photographing, Yard Job NYC crushes the myths, exposes the facts, and brings on the fresh… Can you dig it, motherfucker?

Brooklyn Queens Freight

This book is a product of a marathon mission to document one of the last bastions of real graffiti in NYC. Drips, Dirt, Grime,Throwies, Pieces, Tags and Toys. It’s all in here. 200% Aerosol and 0% weak-ass “Street Art”. This book is the definitive guide to graffiti along the freight tracks today. Includes a bonus historical feature on NYC freight spots of the past.